It’s common knowledge that the modern kitchen has become so much more than where dinner takes place each day. The hub of the home, kitchens have evolved into the central gathering place, ground zero for family plans, projects, and partying.

All of this increased kitchen activity is exciting – we love when people make the most of their space – but it can also lead to a fair share of chaos. Old fashioned kitchen designs simply aren’t equipped to simultaneously be meal-prep, homework, entertainment, and project central. Fortunately, current design trends are all about finding savvy solutions to maximize every corner of kitchen square footage! Need help adjusting your own confused kitchen layout? Read our top 4 favorite creative kitchen solutions below!

Office Area. Our first kitchen solution is pictured at the top of this post, it’s the kitchen office nook. While this trend may not be for everyone, we think it’s ideal for busy families! Between paying the bills, organizing the monthly calendar, and multi-tasking homework with meal-prep, the cozy kitchen office is a great way to keep everything under control.

Maximized Storage. One of the great improvements in modern kitchen planning is the emphasis on adding ample storage space. Whether it’s dishes, gadgets, or various household clutter, a lot of items need to find a home in the kitchen. The best way to keep everything organized is by maximizing available storage at every opportunity – let no corner, cubby, or drawer go wasted!


Multitasking Surfaces. Another tried and true method for making the most of any space is to incorporate as many multitasking areas as possible. Our favorite multi-use kitchen surface? That would have to be workhorse islands! From storage to meal-prep, homework to hor d’oeuvres, buffets to baking, a well planned kitchen island is a fantastic way to add flexible space to your kitchen.

Open Floor Plan. Last but not least, a foundational way to maximize your kitchen’s potential is by opening up its floor plan. A flowing, open floor plan makes any room easier to navigate, but kitchens particularly benefit from extra breathing room. Trust us, the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” isn’t just about clashing opinions, we’re fairly certain crowded cooktops played a part in its inception as well!