Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

Is your kitchen due for an update? Have you been wrestling with the idea of revamping your kitchen? Before you do anything, it is important to figure out what you will need and what you want your kitchen to look like. It is also important to read up on the latest kitchen trends and determine which ones will be popular for many years to come. Here are the top kitchen design trends for 2015 that we think are here to stay.

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a top choice for homeowners who want the feel of a spacious kitchen. Open shelving keeps the kitchen functional and easy to use, as well as giving a personal touch to your kitchen. Open shelving allows you to showcase your beautiful dishes, cups, and bowls. You can also put on display your spices and gourmet oils.

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2. Painted Cabinets

We have been seeing more and more solid painted cabinetry. Lighter colors bring a fresh and light feel, where darker colors can add elegance and drama. Painted cabinets look better and will last a lot longer. Painted cabinets bring a whole new look to your kitchen and are a better return on your investment. Painted cabinets are here to stay.


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3. Kitchen Bar

Lately, we have been seeing a lot more kitchen bars. Just think, where do people go when you are having people over or hosting a party? Party guests always end up in the kitchen. Kitchen bars are great for entertaining or relaxing with family and friends.

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4. Shaped Tile

Tiling a backsplash is a great way to add personality to your kitchen. It is also a great way to add color and texture. Select a shape that shows your personality and goes great with your kitchen.

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5. Gray Is The New White

Seventy-one percent of NKBA designers said gray is the fastest-growing color scheme for kitchens in 2014. The kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers say that while white cabinets continue to be tops, gray is the shade that they are betting on to break white’s top spot. There is nothing boring about gray cabinetry. Gray, however, can be a bit tricky. In cold climates, gray can appear frozen unless you use it on warm materials or pair it with hot colors. On the other hand, gray can look pleasantly cool in sunny or hot climates. Gray is neutral and close enough to white.