You’ve waited patiently, saved diligently, researched ideas, and the time has finally come – you’re ready to tackle a few projects on your remodel wish list! Before you start dreaming about granite countertops and picking out paint swatches, we want you to consider one last factor: value. Even if cost isn’t a major determiner for your plans, it’s still important to invest in updates that will add lasting resale value to your home. Below are the top 5 projects we recommend to anyone looking to improve their home through remodeling.

1. Kitchen Upgrades. The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s where the magic happens! Current remodeling trends all center around it: farmhouse sinks, stainless steel, subway tile, every dreamy design fad originates there. If you’re going to choose a room in your home to invest your resources in, the kitchen is the clear winner. Nothing attracts potential homebuyers and adds value like a stunning, modern kitchen!

2. Add Outdoor Space. Another way to add lasting value to any home is by creating cozy outdoor spaces. Who doesn’t love hosting friends for dinner on the patio, or roasting marshmallows over a bonfire on a starlit night? A beautiful spot to lounge outside is something you or later homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

3. Improve Energy Efficiency. They may sound a bit less exciting than a new kitchen or patio, but new, energy efficient appliances are always a wise investment. Not only do efficient appliances lessen your monthly utility bills, they also provide hefty tax refunds and keep your home on the forefront of current technology (which buyers love).

4. New Siding. One great way to give your home’s look a facelift is by replacing the exterior siding. Besides being a cost effective investment, new siding also extends the life of your home and vastly contributes to its initial curb appeal.

5. Front Door Refresh. The front door is the gateway to your home, every single person that visits see’s it. Shouldn’t the first impression of your home be a memorable one? While it may not be the most flashy of projects, a new door design or accent color could be just the design touch your exterior is missing!