Even with a small budget you can still turn your basement into spectacular space with just a few items. A basement should not be left untouched. Create a spectacular space in your basement to entertain your family, have your guests hangout, family sleep in and more. Here are some wonderful basement makeover ideas to turn you basement into a room where people enjoy.

Entertainment Center

If you have a big budget, that is great. If you don’t, that is fine too. Turn your basement into a room where you can relax and enjoy movies. Purchase a table where you can play cards, puzzles and other games. If you can, take it a step further with a pool table and darts board. Your basement entertainment center will be the place to be!

basment entertainment


Workout Area

Having a workout area or room in your basement is a great way to stay healthy. Transform your basement into a wonderful workout area. Have weights, jump ropes, a treadmill, mats, and even a TV to watch your exercise tapes.


Hockey Room

Yes, this is a Minnesota one! We are the state of hockey after all. In Minnesota, we are all about hockey. Growing up we skate outdoors, stick handle at our houses and play mini sticks. Turn a room in your basement into a hockey room where your kids can practice shooting, stick handling and playing hockey. You can even just transform the room into a mini stick room.

 basement hockey


Turn your basement into a place where you can invite guest to come over and have a few drinks. Load up on your favorite beers and drinks. Have seating areas where your guests can sit and relax. Play a few games and entertain your guests. Basement bars are great to have.


Home Office

The basement can be a great place for a home office. You will be working downstairs away from everyone upstairs so you can concentrate and really get some work done. Get a desk, computer, pens, papers and a printer. Turn your basement into a place where you can work.