Want to live the luxurious lifestyle? Start with your home. Home designs that include certain features can make your house look expensive and increase your home value. Transform your house into your dream home by bringing luxury, comfort and style with these popular home design trends.

Smart Homes

smart home

Smarter homes are becoming more relevant because wifi and Bluetooth are becoming more accessible. Each room can be tailored to your preference. You can control your lights, lock the doors, change the room temperature, and play your favorite music all from your phone using wireless home automation devices. Smart homes are a good investment for any luxury homeowner.

Home Theaters


Add a home theater to your house so you can relax, enjoy movies and spend time with friends and family. Take it a step further and include leather chairs that fold back with a foot stand. Home theaters have become a popular trend in luxury homes because they bring comfort, entertainment, luxury and value to your home.

Spa-like Bathrooms


There is nothing better for your body and mind than a trip to the spa. The problem is we don’t all have the time or money to consistently make frequent visits. What can you do? Bring the spa to you. Turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. That is luxury.

Glass Walls, Ceilings, and Floors


Glass floor and ceiling designs look absolutely amazing. Glass wall, floor and ceiling designs are a new popular luxury interior design trend that creates bright and spacious rooms.

Walk-in closets with stylish wood furniture for storage


This is the definition of luxury. Large walk-in closets with wood furniture for dressing rooms and storing your clothes are great additions that add value and style to your living place.

Outdoor Pools & Kitchens

pooll outdoor-kitchen-designs-9

Outdoor pools and kitchens are perfect when having guests over on a nice day. Grill some food, have some drinks, take a swim, socialize and enjoy yourself outdoors with guests. Take it a step further by adding LED lighting in your pool to create a beautiful and colorful scene to your backyard at night.