The kitchen is often the heart of the home and it tends to be the busiest room as well. Finding storage solutions for small kitchens is always a challenge for homeowners. If your kitchen overflowing with items, here are storage solutions for your kitchen to maximize your space and minimize clutter.

 Base Pantry Pull-outs 

Base pantry pull out

Base pantry pull-outs can keep cooking utensils and other kitchen items organized in a narrow space.

Undershelf Baskets


Place alcohol, plates, napkins and much more in undershelf baskets stored on your kitchen counter or somewhere else in your kitchen. Undershelf baskets are a great way to store kitchen items and minimize clutter.




Super Cabinets are designed with multiple slide-out shelves to maximize visibility for all stored items.

File Holder Mounted to Cabinet Doors

File holder

Stash saran wrap, foil, napkins and other similar items in a file holder mounted to the inside of a cabinet door.

Short Wall-Mounted Shelf for Books

short wall

A short wall-mounted shelf can save a lot of space by storing cookbooks.


kitchen hooks

Use hooks to hang items in your kitchen to maximize storage space.

Magnetic Strip

magentic strip

Save space in your kitchen by hanging knives on the wall with a magnetic strip.