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You love your neighborhood, you love your school district, you even love your plot of land. As they say in real estate: Location, Location, Location. Yet, maybe you’ve got too many mouths to feed out of your small kitchen. Or maybe you’ve got too many beds in too few bedrooms. For whatever reason, your house just doesn’t fit your family anymore but you can’t stomach the idea of moving.

That’s where Brolsma Design Build can help.

Experienced General Contractor

Brolsma Design Build is an experienced general contractor in Bloomington, MN. We have the experienced vision to re-imagine your house in ways you may never have dreamed were possible. Most people can picture new paint on their walls, but few can really see their home as a totally blank slate. From your seat at the table to your spot on the couch to your side of the bed, everything about your house is familiar – routine even. Looking at your home with truly fresh eyes is a difficult undertaking.

Of course, once you’ve lived in a space for a while its shortcomings can become clear. A kitchen with too few cabinets, a bathroom too cramped, a carport that should be a garage, a garage that should be an extra bedroom. Brolsma Design Build knows how to change your home to fit your changing needs.

Even if your family dynamic is good and set, the truth is that housing layouts can be every bit as trendy as paint colors. A century ago a kitchen fully separate from the dining room was the height of luxury (it meant you could hire help to cook for you).

Today, we love our cooking and dining spaces to be open to each other for easier and more social entertaining. We once preferred smaller windows to keep in the heat, whereas window technology today has allowed us to install bigger panes that let in more light. Brolsma Design Build knows how to update your space, and can turn your house into your dream home.

Let Brolsma Design Build change your home without changing your address.