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Experienced General Contractor

You love your neighborhood, you love your school district, you even love your plot of land. As they say in real estate: Location, Location, Location. Yet, maybe you’ve got too many mouths to feed out of your small kitchen. Or maybe you’ve got too many beds in too few bedrooms. For whatever reason, your house just doesn’t fit your family anymore but you can’t stomach the idea of moving.

I had a great experience working with Brolsma Design Build. Brolsma Design Build bring high-quality construction for each home remodeling project. Brolsma Design Build made sure there was clear communication and everything was done on time. I would recommend Brolsma Design Build to anyone who is looking for a company to help with their kitchen, bathroom, whole house or basement remodeling.
Brian Kerr

Building Homes , Not Houses

At Brolsma Design Build, we are helping you build more than just a house. Brolsma Design Build helps you build a home. A home is a place your child takes his first steps, you celebrate birthdays, your kids grow up, you watch big games, and you sleep every night. A home is where memories are made. Brolsma Design Build wants to build your dream home where some of your best memories will be made.

General Contractor License BC005710

Brolsma Design Build did a fantastic job with the home remodeling project. They are very professional and work with you every step of the way. They are timely and stay within budget. I recommend Brolsma design Build for anyone considering a homeremodeling project.
Bobby Bank

Start-to-Finish Solutions for Every Project

Brolsma Design Build is truly one of the best home remodeling companies in Bloomington, Minnesota, and the surrounding cities. Brolsma Design Build understands they are building a home which is an extremely special and important place. Brolsma Design Build is with you every step of the way and makes the home remodeling process an enjoyable experience. Call Brolsma Design Build for your kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, whole house renovations and home addition projects.
Josh Sprague

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