Basement Remodeling

The ultimate goal is to design and build a beautiful basement that is just right for your lifestyle.

Turn a lemon into lemonade            

Is your basement or lower level a no-man’s land? Chilly, damp, and kind of creepy, or nothing more than a laundry/storage area? Take back that space, and use it to expand your home’s livability! This is one of the most obvious–and useful–ways to upgrade your home. Finish the space (finally) so it’s finally comfortable and cozy year-round, or redesign it with a specific purpose in mind.

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What can you do?

Create a home theater or other entertainment space, a gathering spot for family and friends, (complete with mini-kitchen or walk-up bar), an office, hobby area, or home gym. Turn it into a bedroom with closet space and an egress window for natural light. Add a bathroom! Build a wine cellar!


Don’t call a Realtor, call Brolsma Design Build!

We love our work, and our team would love to work with you to create revitalized or brand new spaces you’ll love to live in every day. Whatever your goal, we’re ready to sit down with you to explore the possibilities, then build them into reality. No change of address required.

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